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Classroom Collaboration Notes from ELA Forum, 9/22/2009===
Grades K-4 Notes
Grades 5-8 Notes
Grades 9-12 Notes

Grades K to 4 Group Notes

How do we collaborate?
What are ways we can collaborate within our classroom?
  • -Pre-and post-assessments for knowledge at the beginning of a concept/unit and at the end
  • -Integration
  • -Wordles for writing: off a particular prompt
  • -comparing texts
  • -Googledocs-combination of etherpad/wiki
  • -Sharing lit circle/reader's responses
  • -Sharing calendars
  • -Teacher book study groups
  • -Time
  • -Keyboarding/spelling
  • -As a way to share from home
  • -Wiki as information clearinghouse for teams/grade levels communicating with eachother
  • -A place for saving links
  • -As a way to learn how to use wikis
  • -Across district communication

What do we need from this forum?
  • -Specific user groups

Topics for discussion
  • -Dialogue for how strategies are used across grade levels
  • -Literacy in content areas across grade levels
  • -Increased Oral language in the classroom

For next time
  • -We will bring writing ideas to share - how are we teaching writing?

Grades 5 to 8 Group Notes

Use of a blog vs. a wiki?
  • Wikis could work well in order to post up articles or web sites that are relevant to a subject - for example - Greek Mythology
  • - you can upload pictures and create free 30 second videos - music choices as well - it is sent back as a 30 second music video
    • Could Use it for commercials
    • Announcements
    • Period Pieces
  • Schools that use Macs have use of Itunes, Iphoto, etc.
  • One concern is that blogging takes so much time. Teacher was brought up as an option to use.
  • Use of iTouch - Some apps work well for all grade levels and subjects
  • Letter Boxes - - it is reading, as students have to read in order to get there and follow directions
If computers are where the jobs are, why are we not giving students access to them all the time?
Why do we not teach students at a younger age what all the technical skills are? Font, Format, etc

Grades 9 to 12 Group Notes

What types of technology are being used to initiate conversation in classroom - about lit/other topics?
  • - allows you to set up and manage pages
  • - laptop carts or labs are helpful
  • - homework assignments for blogs - access in schools and at home (in case kids don't have access at home)
  • - rubric for postings is helpful - example is (Honors 10 class)
  • - allows kids to incorporate voice/humor in writing since most assignments are more formal
  • - way to communicate/interact with students
  • - sometimes parents get on
  • - must post with complete sentences, etc.. for credit
  • - go to management page to change backgrounds
  • - own homepage- create links for classes
  • - biggest issue is getting on
  • - good "sponge" activity for when kids finish early - can hop on a computer and blog
  • - put name and something recognizable so you know who it is but others might not has blog option similar to this so if your school has a subscription you can add it to your page
  • - not sure if privatized

2. - social network - could be used for feedback on lit/themes
  • public site
  • anyone can comment
  • still accept friend

3. ning page

4. Facebook - do you add students?
  • Will schools have a policy on it?
  • Use an alias???

5. Thoughtful education - program incorporates teaching strategies for four different learning types - for example - groups vs. individual assignments
  • Learning Style Inventory - kids take it and go from there
  • In one school kids take a test (based on colors - Briggs - Meyers)

6. - vocabulary grammar - they donate a certain amount of rice to UN World Hunger Organization for every correct answer

7. - can create word processing, spreadsheet, powerpoint presentations, drawings (not as good but does the job)
  • is also known as computing in the clouds - saved on google servers - off in space is where your stuff is
  • like having own hard drive but somewhere else
  • great if in a lot of different places - can access easily - no worry about where files are
  • only you can only get your docs - your own login and password, but can share it if you want to
  • need an e-mail account for this
  • storage limit?? Not sure - but pretty darn big
  • googleapps - some districts are using this

8. - check this out to see if you can get donations - books, etc... get points to order - sponsored by Bill Gates and his wife

9. - review books and get it for free???