Agenda and Resources February 7, 2013

Wheelock Primary School, 75 Chestnut St., Fredonia
Facilitated by Denny Atkinson, Integrated Education Services

8:30 Introduction, Welcome, Norms of Collaboration

Activity: Why that word?











Academic Vocabulary: A close-read
David Liben article on Text Complexity & Vocabulary
  • etymology
  • morphology
  • Tiers 1, 2, 3
  • immerse them in the vocabulary
  • 20 words * 40 weeks does not equal 100,000 words needed
  • explore the words
  • vocabulary and the achievement gap
  • urgent calling for vocabulary infusion
  • permission to creatively craft our vocabulary work
  • vocabulary needs to be part of everything all the time
  • kids need to do the work
  • the best playground for working with words is a good text set
  • what if they don't read?
  • vocabulary workbooks don't do this work

NYSED Updates
  • ELA Ambassadors
    On February 4th and 6th, Karen Kondrick, Diane Waterman, and I attended training in Albany. We'll share some of that work with you today.
  • Scoring NYS Assessments: ELA Training Presentation

  • The IES team will receive scoring training from Pearson for the 2012-2013 Grades 3-8 Assessments at the end of the month. This information will be turn-keyed in a variety of formats following that initial training to assist all teachers, not just those who will be participating in scoring. As a reminder, the grade level specific Assessment Guides are available here.

Grade-level workshops
  • Grades 6-8: Karen will introduce the NYS Grades 6-8 ELA modules and curriculum map
  • Grades 9-12: Diane and Denny will share work from the new NYS unit: Reading Closely for Textual Details


Is the common core going to kill literature in the ELA classroom? [answer: no]
  • In a large group discussion, we will share and discuss NYSED's latest example questions (assessment items) and discuss how they can serve as models for assessing your students' reading skills.

Grade-level workshops: Resource & Strategy Sharing
  • We know many teachers have begun the hard work of developing materials to address the instructional shifts called for by the CCLS. Please bring what you can to share with your colleagues. We will break into grade bands/levels so that you may engage in a focused discussion on the resources shared.
Grades 11-12
  • Lindsay Marzec-Frewsburg
Animal Farm linked with Global Teacher's Russian Revolution
drafted questions, rubrics together, co-grading with SS teachers infobase database
Facts on FIle...issues & controversies. Bill of RIghts and Debate
Gun Control...second amendment, pick a topic, support in a position paper, give a presentation
strong alignment of CCLS & JCC course
Current Reasons & Enduring Questions
Read, Reason, Write

  • Lisa Reinhardt-Fredonia
co-grading v grading for colleagues , social studies AP lessons
compilation of articles, lesson plans, high interests, Texts & Lessons for Content Area Reading by Harvey Daniels (???) 45 words about...

  • Allison O'Dell & Kelly Joslyn- E2CCB work with colleagues in content...advice about multiple sources
be more specific rather than be conscious of inferences

  • Ronni Bauer..."There Will Come Soft Rains" By Ray Bradbury (in The Martian Chronicles) ...linked to science article;
    The Things They Carried by Tim O'Brien...paired with war stories
    Prove Bauer wrong...find textual evidence
    Neal Schusterman...Unwind...tied to rights of students.

  • Cathering D'Agostino, Dunkirk Coyote vs. Acme by Ian Fraiser for claims & arguments...linked with Onion article "Gorilla sales soar after latest attack" used as satire...what is being mocked. Uses Georgia standards...needs assessments. Recommends AP resources and the training in West Seneca (E1B)
  • Kelly Joslyn CTE, scaffolding text cross-curricular...are they communicating? Not just mechanics. How

Agenda-setting for future meetings
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